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BETA Email Marketing Automation

We’re bringing email automation within reach with SendGrid Automation. With intuitive workflows that leverage automation triggers you already have in place, you can set up automated campaigns in the time it takes to develop your usual 1-to-many emails.

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Watch this quick demo for a sneak peek of the Automation Beta.

SendGrid Automation offers intuitive workflows that leverage automation triggers you already have in place, empowering you to set up automated campaigns in the time it takes to develop your usual 1-to-many emails.

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Build Deeper Connections, More Efficiently

Email’s your go-to tool for connecting with your contacts for a reason. It’s personal, lets you tell stories, and invites a conversation. With Automation, these connections are even more relevant and easier to make.

  • Create a welcome email that fires out as soon as a new recipient is added to your contacts.
  • Re-engage with contacts who haven’t opened an email from you in a while by asking how you can serve them better.
  • Send a follow-up series to contacts who have engaged with a previous campaign.

Get Started Quickly With Simple Automation Triggers

The complex integration demands of other email automation tools can leave you feeling overwhelmed. With Marketing Campaigns Automation, triggering personalized campaigns is as straightforward as building lists and segments.

  • Trigger a campaign to contacts when they enter a list or segment, you choose.
  • Easily decide whether your first email goes out instantly, or after a delay you define.
  • Everything you need is right in the UI—no developer help needed.

Send a Single Message or a Nurture Series

Depending on the goal you’re working towards, you need flexibility to decide the right number and cadence of messages that will best engage your audience. We’ve made it simple to set up and visualize the best experience for your recipients.

  • Create a single, targeted email triggered at just the right moment.
  • Build a drip series sent at time intervals you define to nurture contacts towards your campaign goal.
  • Easily reference the holistic experience you’ve created with a single view of the content you’re sending, when, and to whom.

Confidently Add Automation to Your Repertoire

Getting started is simple with our easy-to-use suite of products. We’ve designed an intuitive set of tools to help you quickly bring your automation ideas to life.

  • Setup is intuitive, with an elegant UI that walks you through the process with clear language and guidance.
  • Build content with the our well-loved, flexible editor.
  • Once your automation is live, see real-time overall statistics as well as a detailed view of how each individual message is performing.

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